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    By generating at least 10 SVP in either personal purchases or retails sales in a month, you can DOUBLE your commissions!

    Normally, you collect 30% CV commissions for each retail sale of an SFI product or service. However, when the products you sell or purchase yourself accumulate 10 SVP or more during a given month, your commissions automatically double to 60% CV commissions for ALL the products you've sold that month. Become a Team Leader, and the CV jumps to 80%!

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    Training Videos

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    Why The Plugin Profit Site Is Still Going Strong Today

    2008.10 07

    The The PlugInProfitSite is an affiliate program that is made up of affiliate marketing and network marketing programs. It appeals to the niche of people coming online and looking for ways to make money. Whether you are searching online for a home business opportunity, a way to work at home, or just a way to earn more money, the The PlugInProfitSite is geared to all 3. Here is an explanation of how and why the PIPS Program is still going strong today.

    1. It is inexpensive to join For less than $80 you are set up with your own domain name, money making website, and customized 400 day email marketing newsletter.

    2. Because this is your business everything about is can be changed to the way you want it. You can add new programs to your website or newsletter or just keep it the way it is for now. You can change the appearance of your website and ad a blog to it to make it easier to add fresh content if you do not know how to build web pages. Customization is a great feature of the The PlugInProfitSite.

    3. It offers the best back end training on the internet today. This is available to you through a training guide called “30 Days To Success” which is a lead you by the hand online training that gives you step by step things you can do to promote your new business. The other training is access to the top internet marekting forum online called the “Warrior Forum.” The Warrior Forum includes several different categories including a forum just for PlugInProfitSite members where you can ask questions and share stories on what is and what is not working for you.

    4. The PluginProfit Site is for veteran internet marketers as well. Many of the top gurus on internet marketing promote the PIPS program as an income stream for them, It is a great way to expose people to internet marketing and help them start their own internet busienss. Because everything is all set up for a new person as a internet marketing expert you can concentrate on promoting you site and letting all of the back end training be handled for you.

    5. One other reason the PIPS Program continues to work today is the back end support offered by their customer service department. You are able to call a 1-800 number or send an email support ticket that actually gets answered. This is not always common online where smaller affiliate programs do not have the manpower or the commitment to follow through after you have purchased their product.

    To earn money online with your own home business you are going to need 2 things.

    1. A website 2. A lead capture system

    The PlugInProfitSite will continue to be built around these 2 essential elements for your success. This is just the starting point however. Your ability to build your own business and drive visitors to your website will ultimately determine how much money you make. The nice thing about this is you control your own future. If you have a strong desire to earn money and will stick with it then you can join thousands of other successful PluginProfit Site members all over the world.

    Jeff Casmer is an work at home expert and work from home business owner. His “Top Ranked” Earn Money at Home Directory gives you all the information you need to find, start, maintain, and prosper with your very own legitimate Work at Home Job or Business in the 21st century.

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    3 Important Rules In eMail Marketing

    2008.08 01

    To maximize your affiliate marketing success, you will need to build an email opt-in list. This is a very effective and proven success internet marketing strategy that you must not over look in building your affiliate marketing business.

    Once you decide to create an opt-in email form in your website, it is not just the matter of sending your list of subscribers your promotional stuffs, but also familiarize yourself with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 to be sure that you are meeting the legal requirements of email marketing. These are laws that applied to help protect the privacy of the internet users from spamming and unwanted emails.

    Like a horror film, email marketing often gets a bad rap. It is always understandably misunderstood by many with the ungodly amounts of spam flooding inboxes across the universe. Believe it or not, legitimate email exists, and as an unfortunate side effect of all of that spam, it is often a struggle to get these legitimate email through to their subscribers due to overly sensitive spam filters. It is a battle email marketers face everyday.

    If you are new to the game, or have been considering stepping into it, there are 3 things you should keep in mind before getting your feet wet!

    1. Take notice of your unsuccessful mail delivery.

    These are bounced emails that might happen if the server was too busy, email address go bad, people change email address or ISPs and so on. Users Inbox may run out of space. A proliferation of email accounts means everyone and his 90 year old grandma has a Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo account or two, or even five. With only a few megabytes of storage space, users inbox fills up quickly. If you try to deliver mail to these accounts, you get a warning message.

    Your system should also be able to respond to these bounced emails and act appropriately. Email servers are smart. If they see you bouncing too much mail, to too many subscribers, they’ll block you off their network segment entirely. Then you won’t be able to reach anyone on your server, even good addresses.

    Managing your opt-in list by deleting those address that bounced so that you have an accurate statistic and records tells you how many are actually receiving your mail. A clean list will raise your response rate!

    2. Always provide an unsubscribe feature at the bottom of your email.

    Send your newsletter or email to people who opt-in ONLY. Double opt-in options are even more better. When they have to confirm their subscription, there is less chance of any misunderstanding and spamming. It also includes making sure to give the subscribers instructions on how to opt-out, or unsubscribe from further messages.

    When someone in your list files a request to be unsubscribe, always take the request seriously. If you don’t take them off, you are considered sending spam emails.

    If you are reported as a spammer, you and your business can get into trouble. You can be reported to an authorities like Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or SpamCop and maybe blacklisted by many Internet Service Providers. This way, you will lose your email list and even potential subscribers.

    3. Provide accurate and related content only.

    Do not provide unrelated or disturbing content to your list. It is hard to decipher the age of the recipient and many complains may stem from these. Stick to the nature of your business and niche.

    If you keep the above points in mind, you are more likely to get your spam free email delivered, and this is one of the greatest obstacles to overcome with any email marketing campaign. You can also have a healthy relationship with your subscribers.

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    Fight the summer’s slowdown

    2008.07 30

    Just a quick update to let you know what I’m up to…

    Over the pass few months, I have been very very busy with my day job. If you are my new affiliates, I’m an Expatriate and Interior Architect stationed in China since 2004. My job is to design hotels and bring space to life! If you have the chance to come to China for the Olympic summer games, you might stay in one of the hotels I designed (only new 5 star hotels :D ). I have been travelling a lot recently, and if you emailed me, please give me some time to reply. I also recommend you to visit SFI discussion forum for QUICK answers.

    I’m in the mid of writing a new ebook for my EAs as well as my As to rebrand and give it away to their affiliates. I haven think of a good title yet, but it’s about affiliate and network marketing. You can rebrand it and insert your name and website URL, plus SFI gateway and even PlugInProfit site URL. I have started writing this ebook long time ago, guess early this year, but lack of time to finish it. I hope to finish it by next month so that you could download it free. Hope this gives my EAs another way to recruit and send traffic to their sites. If you are interested in downloading this ebook for free, then stay tune and visit this blog frequently for updates!

    It’s been very slow in terms of affiliate sales for the pass months but that’s to be expected in summer time. The summer months is one of two major slowdowns when it comes to making money on the internet. The other is during the Winter/Christmas season. Hope things to pick up in the beginning of September, so take a look at getting your site optimized (if you PIPS) and prepare for the upcoming change in seasons. No matter when your busy time is, the truth is putting off optimization is never a good idea.

    Happy SFI!

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    New SFI Store

    2008.07 29

    In case you haven’t kept up with the latest news within SFI, they have announced the new SFI store updates today. There are just some of the exciting and amazing features the new SFI store will come with which everyone will be enjoying soon. Thew new store is also going to ursher in some powerful new enhancements to the overall SFI program including substaintial simplification, BIGGER BONUSES, and more incentives to become and remain EA. That means, there’s even more EAs upgrades and more earning for us!

    Let’s see what’s the changes SFI made:

    1. One store for everything that service both affiliates and non-affiliates.
    2. Will add new products daily.
    3. Money saving Deals Of The Day!
    4. Special weekly/monthly sales with special discount prices.
    5. Earn instant SVP on EVERY products in SFI store., now… including X-cards, postcards, business cards etc.
    6. New products in new categories, plus closeouts, collectables and hard to find items available nowhere else.
    7. As always, you can promote SFI store as a whole, or any individual product in the store, any department, any selection of products of your choise.
    8. There’s good news: No longer do high shipping costs or making sales internationally to become EA. This is because the new store will be utilizing new partner companies who will be shipping to you directly from outlets around the world. Additionally, through the new store’s Private Seller Program, you can locate sellers and products located in your same country, or even the same city!
    9. Anything can be added and sold in the store – Goods, services, downloadable software and media, you name it!
    10. Sell YOUR stuff! Through the new store’s Private Seller program, you can quickly and easily convert your stuff you no longer want. You can also earn EA status each month selling unwanted items around your house!
    11. New marketing program will allow you to easily generate lifetime retail customers by hundreds.
    12. Standing orders available to affiliates and non-affiliates.

    They have added tones of powerful features since originally announced so there’s still substaintial amount of degisn and programming yet to do. Hence an estimated arrival date is difficult to predict.

    Stay tune!

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    New Tool To Communiate with your SFI downline

    2008.07 17

    SFI is pleased to unveil A2A today! A2A (short for “Affiliate To Affiliate”) is our ground-breaking new affiliate communication program.

    For the first time ever, you can now search, browse, and exchange messages with ANY SFI affiliate! You can identify SFI affiliates in your own country, state/province, or even city. You can also search by gender, age, join date, common goals, and more. Or search by any combination!

    Here are just a few things you can do with A2A:

    • Create “buddy lists”?
    • Brainstorm
    • Share tips
    • Discuss SFI news
    • Share successful marketing strategies for your region of the world
    • Form local SFI support groups and organize local get-togethers

    To get started, register as an A2A member here:


    Once you’re registered, you can immediately start browsing the A2A roster, exchanging messages, and more.

    In addition to A2A, this week’s SFI newsletter (now posted for you at http://www.sfimg.com/Reference/SFINewsletter.sfi) includes the following articles:

    • Major new SFI product: IAB Benefits Plan & Opportunity
    • IAB Banners now available
    • SFI DBoard: the problem w/going EA?
    • Let SFI help build your business
    • You don’t have to be a salesperson to sell well
    • Int’l Focus: SFI features for Int’l affiliates
    • More

    Not sure how to get started with SFI? Just go to https://www.sfimg.com/Resources/GettingStarted.sfi and follow the step-by-step directions! Most importantly, work on the prescribed marketing methods provided in step five.

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    Why Promoting IAB

    2008.06 24

    SFI just announced a major new marketing product – Medical insurance plans! As always, SFI has been busy.. busy.. and busy working on exciting new innovations, features, products, and additions to SFI system. With this new and lucrative income streams and affordable IAB benefit plans, ALL SFI Affiliates worldwide are sitting on Gold Mines! I can’t emphasize enough on the importance of learning while earning with this amazing SFI Home Business system. Find details at SFI IAB Compansation Plan.

    From the comfort of your home, you can sponsor your Affiliates and find MS Merchants & IAB customers in your own Town, your own State and your own Country. There has never been a better time for the affordable IAB Benefit Plans, because with today’s excessive costs of living and the traditional medical insurance, IAB is designed to suit affordably a variety of health needs!

    7 reasons why you should promote IAB:

    1. For every retail sale of the standard plan, you earn up to $100 (and 61 SVP) for the first month, and $15.87 (plus 10 SVP) for each subsequent month.
    2. For every retail sale of the larger IAB plans, you earn up to $128 for the first month, and %51.93 for each subsequent month.
    3. IAB is great for earning SVP (Sales Volume Points) and EA status. – Sell JUST ONE standard IAB plan and you’re all set with an EA-qualifying 10 SVP or more every month without any cost to you (as long as they remain with the plan)
    4. IAB has a long track record, and have been in business for 25 years. They focused on advantages for people who engage in small business.
    5. With today’s skyrocketing costs for traditional medical insurance, people need a solid alternative they can afford.
    6. Other discounts available by IAB are not offered by competitors at all. They are basic things like:
      Amusement Parks, Car Rental, Golf, Hotel, and DHL Express.
    7. Affordable plan as low as $83.90 per month for entire family.

    So, basically, IAB packages their service into ONE membership:

    • Outpatient Physician Office Visit Reimbursements underwritten by an insurance company and having some qualifications applied to them;
    • Dental Insurance; Hospital Contracted Rates of medical fees;
    • Something in the line of Legal Assistance; Identity Theft help; Roadside Assistance; Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance;
    • Automobile Accident Medical Insurance up to $2000;
    • Emergency Medical Travel Assistance; Amusement Parks; Car Rental; Golf; Hotel; and DHL Express.
    • All for $83.90 per month for a Family.

    By promoting and selling IAB Benefits Plans, you can earn a lucrative upfront commissions while at the same time, building up substantial residual income. International affiliates can also market to the US too! If you have a PPC campaign or advertise in classified, you just need to geo-target your ads to “US”.

    Home business owners and entrepreneurs need insurance too, and now, SFI provided it’s affiliates with a solid alternative they can afford. This is a nice addition to what can bring in more income with SFI, and is of great benefit to those who join the program by ordering it from you, or by becoming a SFI member and selling it themself. Either way, this program could win high marks at budget balancing time.

    IAB marketing tools can be found here. Keep refering new affiliates and always repeat the step by step training in SFI backoffice.

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    Making Profit out of Web Traffic

    2008.06 11

    I’m still on my business trip, and Internet access is totally poor over here so I thought I would make a quick post.

    The other day, I wrote about why is it important for you to own a website here. It’s not surprise to see many of you still refuse to own a website and promote just one site to earn multiple income streams. Yes. ONE site, MULTIPLE INCOME STREAMS. If you just join SFI, you only have ONE site, ONE income stream. For those of you who have a website and looking for tips to run it, you will know that it is not just the design that makes all the visitors interested in it. There are things you need to consider in order for you to profit from owning a website.

    Why is web traffic so important? More web traffic means more visitors to your website. It also means they are more likely to spend money at your site.

    How do we attract web traffic? It has been estimated that as of March 2008, there are about 1.4 billion people worldwide using the Internet. At the same time, there are about 68 mil active websites out there.
    The task may seem daunting at first, but using the right tools and knowledge, it can be done.

    Advertisement is one of the most common ways of promoting your website. Advertisements can be placed on other popular websites, newspapers or magazines. You could even print your advertisements on T-shirts, flyers or car decals.

    You could also promote your site while blogging or writing articles. By guest blogging on other blogs or writing articles on other websites, you could provide useful links to attract some traffic to your site.

    Discussion forums are also effective for attracting web traffic. You could invite a few successful website entrepreneurs to give advice to visitors to your forum. A successful forum will attract a lot of visitors and create a community where everyone shares their views and information.

    By providing useful and interesting articles in your websites, you will also be able to attract readers to your website generating web traffic. To keep them coming back for more, you will need to update your articles frequently.

    Organizing contests, questionnaires or giving away freebies is another method that can also draw visitors to your site.

    All of the above are tools to market your website so as to drive more web traffic to your site. Without these marketing tools, your website is just the same as that small shop in the back alley where no one even knows it exists.

    There are also some Internet Marketing methods in SFI here.

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    Free Home Business Magazine

    2008.06 10

    Home Business Magazine is a publication that aimed at those who either already own a home based business, or who have an active interest in this subject and would like to pursue it further. This magazine contains articles relating to all facets of home business entrepreneur from the initial start up all the way through taxes payment at the end of the year.

    It covers various facets of the growing and dynamic $425 billion home-based business market. Includes cutting edge editorial by well-known authorities on sales & marketing, the home office, business operations, raising business opportunities, network marketing, and mail order to help reader select and manage a home based business. It also contains a home business directory, the internet, franchising and the future of home business. Home Office editorial includes product descriptions and management advice as well as business opportunities, franchising and work-from-home success stories.

    The U.S. price for Home Business is $23.94 for a one-year subscription (6 issues). Your IAHBE membership fee includes a one-year subscription! You pay only a nominal IAHBE processing fee. See order form for complete redemption directions.

    Help your SFI home business thrive! Get your subscription today! Please login to download order form.

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    Free and Effective Advertising Method

    2008.06 09

    What is Article Marketing ? I believe you have heard “Content is king. Traffic is Queen.” Article marketing is a form of free advertisement to your websites and blogs. This type of marketing is the most effective tool to promote your products and increase targeted web traffic. Writting articles can help your website become more popular and generate more hits in search engines.

    There are tons of article directories that offering free article publishing. All you have to do is write a quality and informative article and publish to those directories. You can write about the products you are selling or tips you want to share. You can then include a bio with an URL to your website at the bottom of the article.

    Publish an article means you are posting an advertisement for access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s free of charge! Other website publishers might republish it to another website. From there, your article can be published and republished to numerous websites and blogs.

    Is your article sticky?

    Here are some basic tips to have an effective article marketing:

    • It should be informative. People read articles for information. Try to add as much information about your products you are selling.
    • Your article should be short and simple. Be precise about the point you are driving, keep it simple and easy to understand. Conplicated technical terms can be difficult to understand and people may loose interest in finishing reading your article.
    • Give readers some reasons why they should read your article. You must have an attractive headline to draw in readers to start reading your article. Moreover, your first three sentences should be attention grabbing.
    • Article marketing is effective if you exclude sales pitch in them. It can discourage readers and they will think you are just selling rather then providing informations. Try to avoid adding URLs in your content.
    • Before publish it to any article directories out there, post it in your website or blog first for search engine to index. This will create targeted traffic when readers type in your article keywords.
    • Post your articles to dicsussion boards in your niche. Readers might get interested and will most likely click on the website link in your bio.
    • Compile your best articles in an ebook and distribute them by email or download links. This is a great way to circulate your article and get more exposure.
    • Write more than one articles. The more you write, the more traffic you will generate, More traffic means more sales!
    • Let your family or friends read your article first. Ask them for opinions about your article and make improvements if needed. Look at their expressions while reading your article. Do they look interested? Or do they look bored?
    • Make use of bullets and numbers. It makes your article more easy to read. Make sure that you leave some space after each bullet. Readers like to see a lof of white space.

    Article marketing is an easy and convenient way to advertise your business or products. It’s free, and effective! Remember to keep it reader friendly, informative, neat, easy to read and simple.

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    Why You Should Have A Website For Your SFI Business

    2008.06 07

    One of the most essential things to get the most out of any Internet Business is to have your very own website. Yes, SFI do provides you with your own gateway pages, but please bear in mind that you do not own these gateways and therefore, you are not in control of it and is unable to change the content. Getting your own website with a unique domain name makes it easier for others to remember your site address. You don’t want your prospect to remember a long and complicated affiliate gateway, don’t you? It also looks more professional with your own domain name!

    Having your own website is also one of the cheap and efficient ways to represent your business. The good news is that the cost of failure with having your own home based business is very small. Your company goes global and most of the online advertising is cheap (some even offer FREE advertising!) and worth it because in online advertising, you can advertise to your targeted audience globally . As a startup, you can’t make a huge investment to represent your company by advertising ads in newspaper, through sign boards or through hoardings or any other means. In the “brick and mortar” world you will need to evaluate things very carefully before you decide to open up a business. It’s almost always necessary to invest thousands and thousands of dollars to get an offline business off the ground. However, on the Internet, you can often start a successful internet business for less than $100.

    By having your own website, you need not to make appointments and gives a brief about your business, company, products or services. Your website will talk for you! This saves you a lot of time. In addition, you are bound to get enquiries from search engines, so you are heading towards the possibilities of getting new opportunites and leads without any effort.

    Choosing Domain Name
    The first step to start is choose your unique domain name. The domain will represent you, your business, your brand and gives your website a memorable name, so your visitors are able to find and remember it easily. This may take some thoughts because many good ones have already been taken up. You can use NameBoy. It’s a great brainstorming tool which lists all the available domain names relating to keywords that you provided. Here are some helpful tips for choosing a domain name:

    • Make your domain short and memorable, related to the core of your business.
    • Avoid hard, long or misspell words.
    • Try to register a domain which contants a popular keyword for home business or work at home industry.
    • Don’t register a domain containing the digit “0″ in it. It is because the digit “0″ is often confused with the vowel “O”.
    • Try to avoid using domain that contain “2″ for “to”, “4″ for “four” and “u” for “you”. People will easily get confused.
    • Avoid using long domain names such as “www.myworkathomebasedbusinessguide.com”
    • Avoid using abbreviations within your domain name.

    Register Your Domain Name
    Once you have decide your domain name, you need to register it. Before registering, try to select the best domain extension! Although there are many new domain extensions available, .com extension is the best choice. When people type a web address, Internet users will automatically typed a .com extension because this extension has been embedded into our brains from the start.

    I use GoDaddy.com to register my domain. They offer a low cost domain registration as cheap as $1.99 for a yearly registration (at the time of writing). There are lots of company offering cheap registration fees, just go to Google or Yahoo and search for cheap domain registration.

    Godaddy recently sent me an email saying eight of my domain names are up for renewal. I was just about to renew all of these domains when my friend Suzanne sent me some nice Godaddy coupons to save my money. I figured I’ll pass the coupon codes along here:

    • OYH1 – 10% off anything
    • OYH2 – $5 off a $30 purchase
    • OYH3 – $3 off / $6.95 for any .COM domain extension
    • BTPS4 – 10% off anything
    • BTPS7 – 20% any order of %50 or more
    • gdd1101c – 10% off any order of $40 or more

    Make sure your domain is not a trademark infringement. A trademark infringement could cost you and your entire business so please don’t take this point lightly. Remember that trademark laws that apply in the offline world also apply on the internet. Companies that register a trademark has the right to protect their own trademark and has the right to notify you that your domain is infringing upon their trademark. You can use this tool to ensure your domain isn’t infringing on any trademarks: http://www.uspto.gov/main/trademarks.htm

    Finding A Hosting Company
    The next step is finding a hosting company to host your website with your chosen domain name. Selecting a hosting/domain service for your online business is no different than an offline company renting space in a top quality building with a rental agent ready and willing to take care of any problems. I highly recommend Host4Profit. You can earn back your hosting charges as you refer new members to Host4Profit.

    What I get from Host4Profit:

    1. 800MB Space with 25GB bandwidth
    2. I have unlimited email accounts, unlimited mail list/newsletters, and unlimited autoresponders.
    3. I can have my sub-domains, shopping chart, MySQL…etc.
    4. I receive $10 per referral per month as long as your referral stays.
    5. Their customer supports are fast and of excellent quality.

    After you get your domain and hosting done, you need to start building a profitable money making website. If you aren’t confident about building your own site or don’t have the money and time to invest & get everything set up, then you can get your own profit pulling website set up for you within 24 hours. That means if you sign up now, you can get your own fully automated and customize e-commerce website on your unique domain name at this time tomorrow and start earning multiple income streams. Just visit Plug In Profit Site for more details. Click here to see a sample website now!

    Now that you’ve got a great looking and profitable website, all you have to do now is get visitors! Visit my basic fundamental of Internet Marketing here, my Internet Marketing Blog here, and here to start getting a swarm of visitors to your new website!

    Last but not least, having a website doesn’t mean you are done with everything. It’s just a supporting medium to represent your company and SFI business to help you simplifying many process, add many more affiliate programs you like with additional income, and you are promoting just one site! If you go to SFI President Club, ALL of the Top earners are having their own website(s)!

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