My SFI Business Plan

Date: ________________

STEP 1 -- Set Your Goals:
(Have a Dream and BURNING Desire for its Achievement.)






STEP 2 -- Make a Commitment:

I commit to AT LEAST a 12-month unconditional commitment to my Six-Figure Income (SFI) Business. (The stronger your commitment level the more likely you are to succeed.)

Initial Here:__________

I have reviewed my/our family budget and find that I have $__________ monthly to invest in building my SFI Home Business.

Initial Here:__________

STEP 3 -- Use the Products and Services:

There are tremendous products and services available through SFI. The best way for you to learn about them is to shop and use them.

I commit to start using a SFI Product NOW!

Initial here:__________

STEP 4 -- Put Together Your TIME Plan

(Put your time commitment in writing)

Day-of-week... Start-Time... Finish-Time...   Task(s)...         Total Hours
Day-A                9am                10am               Place Ads             1.0 hour
Day-B                1pm                1.30pm            Conf Call                .5 hour
Day-C                3pm                3.30pm            Get Responder        .5 hour








I commit ________ total hours per week to building my SFI Business, starting today!

Initial here: ________

I commit to using Free Advertising Methods ( ___ YES/NO ___ ) or Direct Email Marketing ( ___YES/NO ___ ) or Both ( ___ YES?NO ___ ) for building my SFI Business, starting today!

Initial here: ________

STEP 5 -- Your Income Goal:

Write down your income goal for your SFI business. Make sure your income goals and time commitment are consistent and realistic.

6 Month Goal: _$________

12 Month Goal: _$________

24 Month Goal: _$________

I am committed to achieving my income goals, and will start WORKING on them today!

Initial here: ________

STEP 6 -- Learn your sponsor's SFI promotion SYSTEM.

Example SYSTEM:

  1. Find Prospects -- (Through internet advertising or purchasing internet opt-in leads.)
  2. Invite and contact -- (By using pre-written prospecting letters, or calling your prospect leads.)
  3. Explain the Business SYSTEM -- (By using pre-written follow-up letters, personal calls, or invite to Upline conference calls.)
  4. Answer Questions Promptly -- (By email, telephone, discussion groups, conference calls.)
  5. Follow-Up -- (by email reminders, weekly news emails, phone calls.)
  6. Start Them Right -- (Use the same training pages/system that your leaders share with you. They work!)
  7. Duplicate Yourself -- (By using the same trining pages/system that your Sponsor used, you can feel confident to help your new SFI Affiliate get started quickly. When they have sponsored their first few Affiliates, CELEBRATE --  they are duplicating YOU! And, Duplication is how your SFI Business will grow!)

I commit to learning AND doing MY Sponsor's SFI SYSTEM starting today!

Initial here: ________

STEP 7 -- Learn About Business Building Tools:

As a member of SFI, you have MANY tools to assist you in building your business. Here are a few:

I commit to learning and using all the tools at my disposal starting today!

Initial here: ________

STEP 8 -- Learn the Basics of the SFI Compensation Plan:

Go through your SFI compensation plan so you can understand how you get paid.

I commit to completely understand the compensation plan by the end of _______(date)!

Initial here: ________

STEP 9 -- Drive Traffic to Your Site:

Learn and use the best way to drive traffic to your site. This can be people that you know, or from various ways that your Upline Sponsor recommends using 'their SFI SYSTEM'.

Find 5 topics and LIST as you read them.

  1. Start with: "The Fortune is in the Follow-Up" found here:
  2. Learn about "KeyCodes" found here:




I commit to start driving traffic to my site today! If I don't know anybody, I will enroll in one of my Sponsor's recommended lead source(s) NOW!

Initial here: ________

Step 10 -- Your Next 30 Days:

Your first 30 days are the most important in launching your business.

Write down how many people you are going to personally sponsor in your business in the next 30 days. ____________

I intend to personally Sponsor/Enroll _______ people in the next 30 days, and I will start to contact them NOW!

Initial here: ________

End of Initial SFI Business Plan